Zoom App Documentation

This document details the steps to integrate and remove the Ginni AI Zoom integration.

Steps to Integrate Ginni AI Zoom app

  1. Log into your Ginni AI account and Connect Google Calendar

    • Log in to your Ginni AI account.

    • Upon login, you will be prompted to connect your Google Calendar.

    • Follow the instructions to grant the necessary permissions.

  2. Automatic Meeting Participation

    • Once your Google Calendar and Zoom account are connected, Ginni AI will automatically join your scheduled sales meetings.

    • Sales meetings are defined as meetings created by you that have a Zoom link included and at least one participant outside of your organization.

  3. View Meeting Reports

    • After each sales meeting finishes, log in to your Ginni AI dashboard to view detailed meeting reports.

    • Reports include meeting recaps, customer insights aligned with your sales framework (e.g., MEDDPIC), and AI coaching tips to help you improve.

Steps to remove Zoom integration

Send us an email at support@ginni.ai and our team will process your request.